“Save a boatload of money!”

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“Save a boatload of money!”

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Hello Professional Travel Center members and guests. Today we’d like to share experiences from two of our members, Lenny J. & Eric H. They both wrote us back regarding their experience with customer service while trying to order some items they were interested in. Lenny J. told us that customer service had “very quick turn around” regarding his recent inquiry. Eric H. had much more to say, beginning with his opinion of customer service. He said customer service had “Super quick response, very helpful customer service”. Eric went on to say “You just keep thinking that ‘there has to be a catch’ but there isn’t! It just works”. Finally Eric added at the end, “I have to admit, everything sounded too good to be tru,e but, everything has been great! This was a perfect, as it’s right before Christmas, and I’ll save a boatload of money!”.


We’d like to thank Lenny & Eric, and all of our visitors for stopping by to get the latest news and updates from Professional Travel Center. We’ll be back again soon with more news.

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