Heading Positively Into February

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Heading Positively Into February

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Good Morning Professional Travel Center Members & Guests,

We hope you have all had a great first month of this new year. As always, we are back with some more reviews from some of our highly valued members. A common trend you will notice in today’s update is that our members are definitely being quoted prices much lower than they are finding at any store they usually shop at. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.


“I was given a cheaper cost of the product than what I saw online.” – Tereshkova F.


Derrick B. stated “they found a good price on the item I was looking for”. When asked about his overall opinion of his customer service experience he stated that they were “very polite, & patient” and that he would recommend to his friends and family¬† “because of the savings”.


Hsueh H. explained that “I asked for a price for travel and I received it in timely manner” and that he would recommend since “your company can save my friends and family money”.


Finally, Earl H. said “I was impressed with the prices and response, thank you.” When asked whether he’d recommend Professional Travel Center, he said “Yes, I already have. They could save lots of money”.


This concludes our Professional Travel Center reviews update. We appreciate our members taking the time to give us their honest thoughts on our services.

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