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Ever since its founding in 1999, Professional Travel Center has been a leader in the travel industry. Professional Travel Center's unique approach consists of aggressive travel pricing combined with professional purchasing make this the most comprehensive money savings program available anywhere.


Professional Travel Center’s hallmark is its Patent-Pending Proprietary Travel Program. Professional Travel Center is able to trickle down advantages that are exclusively available to professional travel agents directly to its loyal members. Backed with recognition from travel organizations, such as CLIA & CARE, Professional Travel Center has continually been delivering its members unrivaled service and pricing for over over a decade.

Professional Travel Center’s advantage is quite simple–less is more. Our competitors have tremendous burdens due to numerous and enormous facilities that end up costing hundreds of thousands to support each year. We feel that their focus on covering retail costs and marketing campaign costs ends up shifting concerns from their members to their own bottom lines. This is why Professional Travel Center operates on a virtual office platform–to reduce overhead and give our members maximum value for their dollar.


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