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Ever since its founding in 1999, Professional Travel Center has been a leader in the travel industry. Professional Travel Center's unique approach consists of aggressive travel pricing combined with professional purchasing make this the most comprehensive money savings program available anywhere.


Professional Travel Center’s hallmark is its Patent-Pending Proprietary Travel Program. Professional Travel Center is able to trickle down advantages that are exclusively available to professional travel agents directly to its loyal members. Backed with recognition from travel organizations, such as CLIA & CARE, Professional Travel Center has continually been delivering its members unrivaled service and pricing for over over a decade.

Professional Travel Center’s advantage is quite simple–less is more. Our competitors have tremendous burdens due to numerous and enormous facilities that end up costing hundreds of thousands to support each year. We feel that their focus on covering retail costs and marketing campaign costs ends up shifting concerns from their members to their own bottom lines. This is why Professional Travel Center operates on a virtual office platform–to reduce overhead and give our members maximum value for their dollar.


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Hear What Members Say:

  • Robert B.
    We just joined a few weeks ago and were pleasantly surprised with the service and results of our first travel request. We had already booked a cruise and the travel agent was able to help us transfer it to the Professional Travel Center. That transfer resulted in a reduction of about 30% in the cost of our trip. It was really easy.
    Robert B.
  • Larry H.
    Fantastic company for travel plans, cruises, furniture, appliances and home improvement/remodeling projects! We have used our membership for all of these amenities with great customer satisfaction. Our membership has provided us with a very considerable amount of savings by enabling us to purchase items directly from the distributor at wholesale prices. The customer service is outstanding! We highly recommend Professional Travel!
    Larry H.
  • Brandon A.
    I love using Professional Travel Center to book all of our travel! We have booked 7 cruises through this company and they have saved us thousands while doing so. They also handle the full booking of the cruises, so it's a very easy process. Professional Travel Center also has very competitive rates for rentals cars, even during the holidays and high travel times. Anytime we book a rental car we contact Professional Travel Center for the best rates and they never fail to get us a great rate! Highly recommended especially for travel!
    Brandon A.
  • Jody R.
    Had our detached garage and the columns and trim on our home painted. Price was the best. Work was completed right away in the 2 days I was promised. Prep was awesome. We are delighted with the results.
    Jody R.
  • Greg A.
    I had the oppurtunity to have Noelge' dry wall & painting do some work in my basement bedroom. Garry is friendly and personable person. he doe s fantastic work and even breaks out in song once in a while. I will recommend him to anyone needing dry wall or painting done. Remember the name, " Noelge' Dry Wall & Painting"
    Greg A.
  • Mary W.
    I must say that I was a bit skeptical about this at first and thought I would live to regret joining this club. My experience has proved me wrong! I told Matt that I wanted to replace windows in my house. I couldn't believe the service he gave me! You would have thought the windows were going in his house! We discussed my needs and with his extensive knowledge he suggested I go with whole new windows, not just replace the glass. He found a fantastic installer in my area, (that in itself was a job as most installers want the mark up for purchasing the windows), he ordered the windows and coordinated with the installer, set the date and I simply cannot say how pleased I am with the job. Because of where I live finding a good installer delayed the process but Matt wouldn't have me go with just anyone. Then he absorbed some of the cost and no, I hadn't requested that. He just wanted to make sure I was happy. I ordered an appliance package with Lynda's help and saved over $800.00! I have also used the travel service and that was so easy, and yes, saved money there too! I honestly don't know how they can provide such fantastic customer service, never hesitating to call me directly within minutes of receiving an email from me. I will need new tires for my car soon and absolutely plan to purchase thru them.
    Mary W.
  • Cynthia M
    In the 14 mons that we have worked with this business, we have saved money on flooring, new bathroom vanity and fixtures, van rental, household appliances, wood working tools, hotel booking and a cruise. The customer service has been excellent! We are so very glad to be able to utilize this business. It has been well worth our initial joining fee investment. We highly recommend people look into it.
    Cynthia M